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Watches or watches it has become a fashion trend of its own kind to the students, though executives. Because it gives a special attraction to the wearer, to get people willing to reach into his pocket budget to buy a watch of quality Abal Abal to top quality and exclusive. As if the watch gives a magical power for most people so willing to reach into his pocket deep gulp just for the enjoyment of the world of fashion. Here, too, I personally also wear a watch * do not ask the price, because it is in my personal activity it takes the name of a timepiece. Well, it's interesting and not ending when speaking the name of fashion and there would be no death because fashion will continue to spin like the wheels back kesemula regulations. - See more at:

Here are some of the benefits of wearing a watch apart as fashion, as I quote from one of the posts on online forums Indonesia, among others:

Become a regular activity,
Why is that? Try friend distinguish when you wear a watch, certainly any time either every few minutes, hours surely you will see watches o'clock turned away now because it will do the activity a, b, and so on. In contrast bia not wear, you must do activities that would exceed the time missed and scheduling that you have set.

center of fashion watches

The more observant in time management,
Consciously or unconsciously, people who used to wear a watch will appreciate the time, so he will choose which activity or activities are more important and which are not.

Embedded philosophy of time is expensive,
Clear and it was very expensive. Used to wearing a watch will help foster the attitude you use the time well because the time will never come back so it will spur to achieve the goals you want to accomplish.

The more mature in their stride,
Why? People often look round the watch will give you an idea of how and what will he do for a day, two days or a month's activity, profit goals and what it will do and accomplish.
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